Diamond Shield Fortifier is both a viscosity modifier and a patented "Active-Cure" additive. It provides a new type of Viscosity Modification called “Ultimate-Sand-Suspension”.
DSF costs less than any other additive on the market at an average cost of around $20 per 100 gallons raw sealer to use verses an average of around $40-$50 for the competition.
DSF allows more time for your crew to begin new jobs by allowing you to safely start, finish and open seal coat jobs back to traffic the same day. This also allows invoices to go out earlier and keep cash flow coming faster. With fewer trips back and forth to the same job there are less labor costs, fuel costs and equipment, maintenance and repair cost.
DSF has three U.S. patents for faster film cure time called "Active Cure" and "Ultimate Sand Suspension."
Fast, patented “Active-Curing” quick-traffic/quick-dry additive.

“Ultimate-Sand-Suspension” for sand users. No sand bar in the bottom of the tank.

No gummy, latex tar balls in your tank and strainer problems vanish.

Faster curing/drying when sun’s not present and in shaded areas.

Broom and squeegee marks are made to disappear and the cut lines vanish.

Controls tire marks and sand roll out. Helps dry sealer in humid climates.

Makes the film a rich, black and beautiful color.

Treated sealer can be used as an oil spot primer.

Improves film strength and pavement bond.

Saves time and money, extends your season, improves your bottom line.
Top 10 Reasons for DSF:
Top 10 Reasons for DSF:
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Diamond Shield Fortifier
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