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About Us at Diamond Shield Fortifier

Growing as a company since 2003, Diamond Shield Fortifier has gained a strong reputation in the market place as a leader among additives. DSF evolved, as a company and a product, from a successful seal coating/striping business. Because of this, Diamond Shield Fortifier became the new "must have" additive developed by seal coaters for seal coaters.

To our knowledge, Diamond Shield Fortifier is the only patented seal coating additive on the market. Time and money was spent to protect our investment and your interest in this product by registering three different U.S. Patents.

At less than half the price to use per 100 gallons of sealer treated, and with many more benefits than the competitors to enhance your seal coat job, it's harder for contractors NOT to use DSF.  Give it a try today and make work easier and better...Because Time is Money.

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